HANSA Interview on Cyber Security

100% security for network systems is never possible, but higher cyber security can be achieved via proper Facility and Mentality. Up-to-date Hardware & Software 🠖 by investing in new infrastructures or upgrading existing hardware Mentality 🠖 Creating awareness among ship managers and crew members of the importance of security onboard Sales Director Christoph Niendorf has … Continued

Increasing demand for Cyber Security Solution

Being an active member of the IEC, Veinland sees great demand of cyber security solutions from customers in the global maritime and yacht industry, now receiving even more inquiries due to the C19-Pandemic. Sales Director Christoph Niendorf describes how Veinland’s type-approved and standard-compliant Gateway improves network security on board and controls remote access to the ship in … Continued

We present the “460 Gateway”, our latest product from the MiS series.

The “460 Gateway” is currently VEINLAND’s most innovative and powerful solution to replace its previous model “VL-Gateway 460”, in order to meet the constantly changing new standards and market demand. This newly developed product fulfills and is in compliance with all current and future standards, enhances VEINLAND’s product portfolio in the field of HW + … Continued