Veinland knows how crucial it is to keep employees up-to-date on new technology and today’s webinar was about cyber security.

Cyber attacks are on the rise – even a skiing photo with family members could pose a cyber risk!

A file might appear to be an image file, but it is actually an “application” that could lead to cyber attacks (e.g., ransomware). Regardless of the types of storage medium, be it an email, a “bad USB,” or a hard drive.
There are reports of cyber attacks almost every day and this can affect anyone, any industry.

Preventive measures (including whitelisting of applications, only allowing signed macros, two-factor authentication 2FA) were shared throughout the session.

Employees should stay alert and be aware of all possible risks that could lead to cyber attacks and data breaches.

Many thanks to Commerzbank for the opportunity and we look forward to further cyber security events in the future.

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