The PIM OBU logs and displays various data of the vessels, namely nautical data, fuel consumption data and engine data obtained from different sensors in real time. It provides detailed information about the actual ships performance.

In addition to that, the PIM-OBU compares the fuel comsumption with the data of the charter party. All data can be easily transfered to shipowners’ office for further analysis and replay.

Data Input

  • serial interface NMEA (e.g. Draft, Speedlog, GPS)
  • Flowmeter (pulses) (e.g. ME, AE, Boiler)
  • analog inputs 4-20 mA (e.g. RPM, Thrust, Torque, Shaftpower)
  • manually input (displacement, draft, fuel, cost)
  • ModBus (Automation)
  • Temperatures (Fuel Temperatures)

Illustration of an example for installation on board.

PIM OBU Installation an Board
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