Farsounder – 3D Sonar System

The forward looking sonar system provides navigation data in a (3D) 3-dimensional-display presentation with an intuitive User Interface and significant fields of view of up to 90°. Flexible mounting methods allow for integration on both surface and sub-surface vessels and along waterside perimeters. The System supports more safety in navigation.

The Sonar looks ahead and displays the seafloor and in-water obstacles in three dimensions. The entire 3-D image is created with a single ping. With the maximum range of up to 880m and the knowledge of the range, bearing and depth of all the obstacles ahead and to the side of the vessel.

The user-friendly display provides vessel location on electronic charts, depth profile, color mapped depth scale, user-selectable depth and detection thresholds. It can also display GPS, vessel speed and heading data. The system can easily be set up so alarms will sound if obstacles or particular depths are encountered.

Diver Detection and Diver Localization are systems that have been developed as part of the 3D Forward Looking Sonar systems family. With patented technology, low-costmaintenance and a user-friendly human interface, field of view from 90° to 360° can be configured. These high quality systems offer maximum protection against divers.

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