Road Safety Colouring Book for Children

Good understanding and knowledge of and attitude towards road traffic is essential for all road users. Therefore it is crucial to improve kids’ road safety awareness as early as possible. VEINLAND contributes every year to donation for coloring books published by the German Accident Prevention Organization (Deutsche Verkehrswacht e.V.) for children. We are proud to announce that we will … Continued

Healthy Eating Workshop for VEINLAND Employees

Healthy eating is crucial for our well-being and should always hold a high priority in our lives. With the ever-increasing variety of products containing ingredient substitions, genetic modifications, synthetic additives, pesticides which can quickly lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, having nutritional knowledge enables individuals to make informed decisions about the types and … Continued

Successful Business Acquisition: VEINLAND shared Insights and Experiences

“It’s a match!” Business Acquisition Conference recently took place at IHK Potsdam. Gerald Rynkowski, MD of VEINLAND took over a company which he met at the conference exactly a year ago. At this year’s conference he shared valuable insights, strategic reasons, past expereriences, potential risks for “seller” and “buyer” with all participants besides summarizing the … Continued

International Cooperation Opportunities for Future Economic Collaboration with Hong Kong

VEINLAND GmbH recently hosted a visit from Dr. Wing Hin Chung, the Head of Investment Promotion in Hong Kong at its headquarters in Neuseddin. He outlined comprehensive cooperation opportunities with Hong Kong regarding market expansion, research and development, and talent acquisition, emphasizing the new government-supported opportunities for joint innovative growth. VEINLAND’s revenues in the Asian … Continued

Beginning May 1, 2024: Automated and Efficient Digital Invoice Processing

Since May 1st, VEINLAND has switched to automated and efficient digital invoice processing by using DATEV Unternehmen online (DUO). This solution is being implemented in close collaboration with the accounting firm bdp Bormann Demant & Partner in Berlin. This measure promises an environmentally friendly, improved, secure, and efficient handling of invoice processes. By complying with … Continued

Renovation Work at FARD-lighting GmbH

The company FARD-lighting GmbH, which has been owned by VEINLAND GmbH since September 1, 2023, has recently gained a complete and whole-new different look. Specializing in LED and advertising technology, the company has decided to modernize both the building and office spaces. This includes installation of new ESD flooring, carpets and upgrades of internal infrastructure. … Continued

“We create great and high-quality products, not because we want to be or become rich, but because we enjoy doing so,” – Keynote by Gerald Rynkowski, VEINLAND Managing Director

The annual reception of the BVMW Berlin-Brandenburg took place in the Schinkelhalle, Potsdam last Wednesday. More than 200 guests from politics, business, and culture were present at the event, including Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Professor Dr. Jörg Steinbach. “MOMENTUM – Initiative-Enthusiasm-Conviction – SMEs – Engine and Future of the German Economy” was the motto … Continued