Healthy Eating Workshop for VEINLAND Employees

Healthy eating is crucial for our well-being and should always hold a high priority in our lives. With the ever-increasing variety of products containing ingredient substitions, genetic modifications, synthetic additives, pesticides which can quickly lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, having nutritional knowledge enables individuals to make informed decisions about the types and … Continued

Unveiling the Future of Inland Shipping: DigitalSOW Project launched at BEHALA in Berlin!

Together with all project partners, we recently presented the “DigitalSOW” project at BEHALA in Berlin, highlighting advancements in automated and autonomous inland navigation on the Spree-Oder waterway. This project paves the way for the future of inland shipping. VEINLAND GmbH played a key role in integrating the electrical and network components. The event marked a … Continued

Successful Business Acquisition: VEINLAND shared Insights and Experiences

“It’s a match!” Business Acquisition Conference recently took place at IHK Potsdam. Gerald Rynkowski, MD of VEINLAND took over a company which he met at the conference exactly a year ago. At this year’s conference he shared valuable insights, strategic reasons, past expereriences, potential risks for “seller” and “buyer” with all participants besides summarizing the … Continued

International Cooperation Opportunities for Future Economic Collaboration with Hong Kong

VEINLAND GmbH recently hosted a visit from Dr. Wing Hin Chung, the Head of Investment Promotion in Hong Kong at its headquarters in Neuseddin. He outlined comprehensive cooperation opportunities with Hong Kong regarding market expansion, research and development, and talent acquisition, emphasizing the new government-supported opportunities for joint innovative growth. VEINLAND’s revenues in the Asian … Continued

Proudly Celebrating Over 14 Years of Membership with CIRM

VEINLAND has been an active member of CIRM (Comité International Radio-Maritime, the international association for maritime electronics companies) for more than 14 years. Since November 19, 2009, VEINLAND has been a proud and engaged participant in this esteemed organization. As a long-standing member, VEINLAND regularly participates in general assemblies, technical workshops, conferences, forums, and seminars … Continued

Impressive, Outstanding Success at the Light+Building Trade Show in Frankfurt

VEINLAND GmbH, a pioneer in the field of electrical engineering, is delighted with the tremendous success at the recent Light+Building Fair in Frankfurt. The fair proved to be a crucial step for VEINLAND’s future direction, as numerous new visitors discovered the company and showed great interest. “The number of visitors was overwhelming, with great conversations … Continued