Performance Indication Monitor VEINLAND

PIM – Performance Indicator Monitor System

Performance Indicator Monitor (PIM) is a system to collect nautical, technical and ship relevant data. In order to optimize the performance of the ship a wide variation of data can be collected and saved. The collected data will be transferred to the owner’s office for further analysis. Information is not shared and stored in clouds, but are located exclusively on the server of the ship and in the office. This means the data stays under your own control and responsibility.

Noon & Other Reports

Additional to the normal noon reporting of the vessel some additional reports are established to make a real performance analysis possible. Reports for off-on hire, entering and leaving of environmental control areas as well as war risk areas are also available. In this way you are able to adjust vessel performance to prevent claims and save costs. To simplify the work of the crew it is possible to transfer the entered data to software tools from third party on board.

Data Display and Analysis, Fleet Management and Trends

PIM also provides evaluation of the vessel’s performance by analysis, benchmarking and visualization of performance trends. With department reports provided we will help you to simplify your work in the office. Forms can be filled with the data of PIM with one simple click. Long term analysis can be used to specify budget plans for upcoming years.

MRV Ready / Monitoring according to SEEMP

PIM can also be used as a monitoring tool for MRV operations which will be mandatory in 2018. All infomation required under Regulation (EU) 2015/757 of the European Parliament and the Council are already covered by PIM Ship. A direct export in the ESA-compliant format is also possible. Data querys can be used to proof the SEEMP. With PIM you are able to see if your vessel reaches the EEDI. Furthermore it is possible to display the EEOI of each day or voyage.

Data Quality, Plausibility Checks and Usability

To improve and save the data quality there are plausibility checks in almost all fields. The UN-Port list is also stored to avoid spelling mistakes in port names. With the schedule function in PIM, slots and port times can be planned better so that costs can be saved.

Data Export, Graphical Analysis

Various ready-made analysis charts are implemented in PIM. The evaluation of real time speed profiles, for example, can help to optimize the ship performance by buying vessel colors with the matching roughness. In addition PIM also provides the possibility to export the data e.g. to Excel to create further individual analysis.

HSSEQ Reports in PIM

Performance monitoring is more than just having a look on the nautical and technical Performance. To complete the topic we provide Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Reports. Additionally there is the Safety & Quality Report with the main group’s external audit, internal audit, inspection flag state, port state control incl. memorandum, class attendance and others.

Charterparty Editor

The configuration of the software on board can be adapted easily. You decide which reports are required and which fields should be mandatory. Especially in time of short charter periods the charter party are adjusted often. With a user-friendly tool in PIM you can specify the current charter party and display it on board.

Ship Data Export

PIM Ship supports the export of already entered data to third party tools. Report templates, build according to customer specifications can be used to create and transfer information forms. This reduces the work of the crew and prevents multiple input of data.

Data analysis

Various tools and charts for analysis of ship performance and to facilitate the decision making in maintenance. This includes graphical representation of the Admirality-Constant, vessel speed over ground as well as the percentage of the vessel utilization.

Data Transfer & KPI

If a ship sends data to the office in irregular intervals, the PIM software indicates this by coloring the ships position in the overview map. Detailed informations are also available. The limits of the KPI information system can be adjusted by the user.

Office Filters and Export

The extensive filter and export functionality makes it possible to get exactly the information needed and also to use the data in various 3rd party software for further analysis. With the wide range of filters it is possible to create an information overview for almost every need.

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