VEINLAND offers a variety of different IEC 60945 type-approved power supplies.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Which supplies power to the connected devices in the event of a blackout and is independent of a current source.
Our UPS systems meet the requirements for the safe operation in maritime navigation and communication systems.
They fulfill the IEC 60945 standards and have an insulation resistance of up to 20 Mega OHM.

Our UPS systems can be installed on various types of vessels.
They are designed as a stand-alone solution and can be mounted on the desk of the Command Bridge and consoles via the mounting kit and modules supplied.

Power supplies

Which have been developed for the use in maritime applications and industrial applications, are short-circuit proof, overload-proof, have a temperature protection besides being equipped with inrush current limiter. These can help avoid any switching delay.


Our transformer, specially approved for maritime/shipping, is used to adapt 230VAC units to a 120VAC electrical system.