DCU- Data Control Unit ist ein modulares  Datenerfassungssystem
DCU32 Seitenansicht Data Control Unit

Modular data acquisition system

The DCU Data Control Unit is a modular data acquisition system consisting of digital and / or analogue input and / or output modules, depending on customers’ requirements. The DCU is typically used to install Voyage data recorders, performance and control systems.

The different input modules can detect currents, voltages, pulses, potentiometers, resistors, contacts or temperatures. The detected signals are transmitted via the MCU and transmitted as a predefined or proprietary NMEA telegram via network, USB, RS 422 or Modbus for further processing.

The NMEA telegrams received from the MCU via network, USB, RS 422 or Modbus can be transmitted as an output in the form of current, voltage, pulses or contacts. Threshold values can be defined and values from NMEA telegrams can be converted by using the configuration software.