We take responsibility for our environment

The environmental policy in our company describes the handling of all processes, procedures, storage and disposal of waste for the sustainable protection of the environment.

We act according to the following principles:

  • VEINLAND GmbH prevents any damage to the environment by taking the necessary measures and precautions in the manufacture and development of its products for our customers.
  • All persons working in the company undertake to avoid environmental pollution, to reduce it at all times or to eliminate it whenever possible. Everyone in the company is open to the protection of the environment.
  • VEINLAND GmbH will at all times comply with, apply and implement international and national legislation on environmental protection.
  • We will react immediately to any dangers, deviations and changes and derive the necessary consequences.
  • We will professionally integrate environmental thinking into our daily work, organise training and further education and provide the necessary resources.

The environmental policy at VEINLAND GmbH is based on the specifications for the protection of the environment according to ISO 14001:2004 and is an integral part of our daily work. The idea is supported by all employees in the company.