Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

The VL-BNWAS was developed to detect the awareness of the officer of watch (OOW) to avoid accidents. In case the OOW is incapable, the system automatically generates several alarm stages. Due to its modular design it will be possible to fit almost all sort of vessels. The Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System also has the capability to transfer unacknowledged alarms from other nautical equipment as watch alarm stage 2.

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VEINLAND BNWAS now compliant with BAM IEC 62923-1/-2

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The system meets the following standards

  • IEC 60945
  • IEC 62616
  • IEC 62288
  • IEC 61162-1/-2
  • IEC 62923-1/-2

BNWAS Components

  • BNWAS Central Unit
  • BNWAS RTA (Reset Button for outdoor use)
  • BNWAS ALBRA (Alarm Reset Box for outdoor use)
  • BNWAS ALR3 (Alleyway Alarm Box Stage3)
  • BNWAS RTI (Reset Button for internal use)
  • BNWAS ALR2 (Cabin Alarm Panel)
  • BNWAS RBI (Buzzer for internal use)
  • BNWAS PIR SENSOR (Infrared motion sensor)
Fig: Operational sequence of indications and alarms
VEINLAND BNWAS System Solution with modular Design
Fig: BNWAS System Solution – modular Design
BNWAS Central Unit
Terminal Strip X1
ALRBA_Indoor- Reset Button (Indoor)
ALR2_S- Indoor Alarm

ALR2- Cabin Alarm Panel (Indoor)

ALRBA- Reset Button (Outdoor)
BNWAS RTI- Reset Button (Internal)

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