Healthy eating is crucial for our well-being and should always hold a high priority in our lives. With the ever-increasing variety of products containing ingredient substitions, genetic modifications, synthetic additives, pesticides which can quickly lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, having nutritional knowledge enables individuals to make informed decisions about the types and quantities of food they eat, which can significantly influence their nutritional status and overall health.

IKK Berlin-Brandenburg conducted an interactive and informative workshop on healthy eating last Friday at VEINLAND. We tried a quick and healthy breakfast spread without sugar using just three simple ingredients – hazelnuts, cocoa, and dates. The result? A surprisingly delicious hazelnut cocoa spread! Low-fat, low-sugar – and yet delicious!

The workshop ended with an exciting Q&A session. Common nutritional myths and misconceptions about food were clarified. Are frozen foods really unhealthy, what information is important on food labels, what should we pay attention to? We know the answers now! A big thank you to IKK Berlin-Brandenburg and we look forward to the next event!

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