“Gawker” behavior at fire and accident scenes have been causing various issues to fire fighters and rescue forces by significantly reducing their ability to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Gawkers tend to film and capture photos of accident victims and post these on social media platforms, mainly for the sake of gaining more “likes”.

A mobile (crash) barrier can help emergency service providers and rescue forces by providing them quick, mobile protection to complete their investigation and rescue works. VEINLAND has recently donated 1.000,00 Euros to the local fire department (Förderverein Feuerwehr Seddiner See). The money will be used to purchase a mobile barrier which would be helpful for the firefighters during emergencies. The Fire Chief Mathias Frey thanked Dipl.-Ing. Gerald Rynkowski (MD of VEINLAND) for the donation and continuous support over the years.

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