Our Production Manager Thorsten Wagner, Branch Manager (Blankenfelde-Mahlow) Stephan Bickert and Pascal Welter recently visited Datron AG Open House at the Technology Centre (TZ Ost) in Potsdam. The event showcased the latest developments in milling and dispensing machines, unveiling cutting-edge technology and new tools that promise to revolutionize our production processes. Advanced software solutions were also presented, highlighting their role in enhancing precision and efficiency. This event served as an excellent platform for networking and exchanging ideas with other industry leaders. The insights gained and connections made will undoubtedly contribute to the success of our ongoing projects and help us further optimize our production needs. Overall, the visit was a resounding success, positioning us at the forefront of innovation in our field.

VEINLAND Mechanical Center (VMC) in Blankenfelde has recently been equipped with modern vacuum clamping technology from Datron. The HSC-Milling Machine M8 comes with a larger vacuum table which holds various sizes and thickness of various material securely, significantly reducing production time and increasing the flexibility in the entire CNC manufacturing process. Large and thin plates, material with different sizes can be clamped well without deforming its structure, creating a high-quality workpiece besides reducing part rejection rates.

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