Whether they sail on tankers, container or cruise ships on the seas of our world – seafaring is always hard work for the crew members.

The shift work on board, the permanent time changes and the often months-long separation from the family make things difficult for all seafarers and often make their lives and their souls hard.

Especially at Christmas, the loneliness on board is hard to bear. That is why the employees of the Seamen’s Mission visit seafarers on their ships in the ports or celebrate with them in one of the 29 seafarers’ homes, if their service allows.

On Christmas Day, when many seafarers are lonely, they receive a special package from the Seamen’s Mission with little gifts.

In order to continue to put a smile on the faces of seafarers during the Christmas season, VEINLAND GmbH supported the German Lutheran Seamen’s Mission with a donation of €500.

You can find more information about the work of the German Lutheran Seamen’s Mission here.

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