As part of an effort to preserve the maritime heritage, Veinland GmbH has been contributing regularly to MS Cap San Diego– also known as the “White Swan of the South Atlantic” for the past ten years. “Every donation counts, be it a small or a big one”, says Veinland’s Managing Director, Mr. Gerald Rynkowski, who sees this as a meaningful move to ensure that the “retired” giant cargo ship continues to serve the public as the world’s largest seaworthy museum ship, which is currently moored in Hamburg.

Built in 1961, MS Cap San Diego used to serve as one of the most important goods-transporting vessels for over 20 years. Operating now as a well-maintained museum ship and a floating hotel, MS Cap San Diego also brings visitors on museum trips several times a year, mainly along the Elbe river and to Cuxhaven.

Find out more here:
Certificate of Appreciation (Ehrenurkunde) for VEINLAND GmbH
Donation Flyer of the Cap San Diego e.V.

Image source: Frank Schwichtenberg, CC, via Wikimedia Commons

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