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VL-SDN – Selector Device for NMEA

The VL-SDN is used for the distribution of
redundant NMEA. With its 2 galvanically isolated
NMEA inputs, the module automatically choose
between the two inputs, and then forward it to
12xRS422 and 2xRS232 outputs. If the main input
does not receives any signals, the module is then
automatically switches to the second input. An
option of manual switching between 2 inputs is also

Through 2 voltage inputs, the power supply
9-32VDC is designed as a fail-safe (MSB-ESB).


9-32VDC / nom. 24V; 10W


173mm x107mm x 60mm




NMEA-In according to IEC61162-1 NMEA-Out according to IEC61162-1/RS422 up to 38400bps Serial-Out/RS232 up to 38400bps


Distribution and decoupling of redundant NMEA (e.g. GPS) to several different receivers (e.g. radar, ECDIS, data Logger, GMDSS)


IEC60945 DNV GL No. TAA00000M0

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