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SPL4-3 Voice Module (24V DC)

The voice module is an independent, freely recordable voice output system.

  • Control via 4 freely combinable floating inputs with protocols such as 1aN, Graycode, binary code (all positive or negative switching) as well as RS232 protocols
  • Up to 15 different texts controllable
  • Next- function for linking texts, thereby can be output with only one start signal announcements in different languages as well as acoustic signals before the announcements. Also, stopable endless loops can be programmed with this function.
  • Line In/Out – connection for playing external music, which is automatically faded in and out during announcements or for the output of the announcements via external systems (e.g. ELA).
  • very good intelligibility even in noisy environments (eg airports, train stations, trade fairs, production halls, etc.)

Optional equipment

Programming cable PK-3, USB interface, Programming and test device, DIN rail mounting, Loudspeaker, Housing

Application area building services engineering

Passenger elevators, Escalators, Door systems, Alarm systems, Visitor information

Application area mechanical engineering

Production facilities, Apparatus, machinery

Further areas of application

Sales displays, Car alarm systems, Exhibition stands, Information displays, Museums

Technical documentation 24 V Englisch

Technische Dokumentation 24 V Deutsch


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