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An UPS uninterruptible power supply protects the connected electronic systems in case of power failure. If the power supply is interrupted or current values are below the permissible tolerance range, the UPS takes over the power supply with its own energy storage and protects necessary electronic systems.

Protecting hardware and data

To prevent hardware damage, downtime or data loss, relevant systems should be protected against overvoltage, voltage peaks and power failures.

UPS types

OnlineClass 1 – VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent from mains supply)
Line-InteractiveClass 2 – VI (Voltage Independent from mains supply)
OfflineClass 3 – VFD (Voltage and Frequency Dependent on mains supply)

UPS designs: tower and rack model
UPS designs: tower and rack model

UPS in use on seagoing vessels

Important systems on board of a ship must be secured against failure.
These include emergency lighting, communication, radio, navigation, loudspeakers, but also PCs and servers. Even during the transition from the onboard power supply to shore power (cold ironing), short-term power fluctuations can occur, which can be intercepted by using an UPS.

For use in maritime navigation and communication systems according to the IEC 60945 standard, we offer
the following UPS systems:

UPS VL-SMT 1500IC 230V
UPS VL-SMT 1000IC 230V
UPS VL-SC 620I 230V

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