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SPL12-3 Voice Module (24V DC)

  • Controling via 12 freely combinable potential-free inputs with protocols such as 1aN, Graycode, binary code (all positive or negative switching) and RS232 protocols
  • Up to 127 different texts can be controlled
  • Next function for linking texts. So the output before announcements is possible. With only one start signal, you can output announcements in different languages ​​and acoustic signals.
  • Line In/Out jack for external music. Which is automatically faded in and out for announcements or to output the announcements via external systems(p.E. ELA).
  • Very good to understand even in noisy environments (p.E. airports, railroad stations, trade fairs, production halls, etc)

Technical Documentation 24 V Englisch

Technische Dokumentation 24 V Deutsch


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