| Ray Man Ng

Veinland sails to the future, heading towards the digital world

Covid-19 has caused countless impacts on the economy and for Veinland, some of the most significant changes include:

  • Travel Restrictions
  • Postponed or Cancelled Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Business Trips
  • Customer Visits

Even before Covid-19 outbreak, everyone and every part of the world is slowly heading towards a digital world. Due to the pandemic we believe that the transformation will take place even faster. Veinland’s Management Team has come up with different strategies to ensure that the organization sustains and continues to grow.


Stronger Online Presence

Building a strong online presence has never been as important
as nowadays. To ensure the best possible experience for
visitors, clients and existing customers from all over the world,
Veinland has relaunched its website with more functions and
better user experience. Latest documentation, company
brochure and product catalogue can easily be found here.

Virtual Business Mission to California, USA

Organized mainly by WFBB Economic Development
Agency Brandenburg, Veinland is selected as one of the
delegates to visit California this year. This business visit
aims to strengthen the relationship between BerlinBrandenburg and California, Germany as well as the EU
in general besides discussing the possibilities of a
potential cooperation in various sectors and fields of
business. This, however, has to be done virtually due to

We are preparing ourselves for the future, what about you?

Stay healthy and hope to hear from you soon!

Ray Man Ng
Key Account & Project Manager; B.Eng. Industrial Engineering majoring in Electrical Engineering, Business and Economics