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VL-WR – Wind Repeater

The wind repeater VL-WR is an display module for NMEA wind data which are delivered from anemometer. The wind data like “MWV …” and “MWD …” can be processed according to NMEA 0183. From the NMEA telegrams, the wind speed and direction can be determined. The speed is displayed in m/s, knots and beaufort., each in a 7-segment display. The direction of the wind is indicated by an LED circuit (red) in a steps of 10°. A wind direction area on the same LED circle (green) indicates an area in which the wind direction in an adjustable time has been varied. The user interface is designed so that the entire display can be dimmed and the selection of the display format of the wind data (true, rel and tts) can be done easily.


9-32VDC / nom. 24V; 4W


144mm x 144mm x 90mm



operating temperature

-15°C up to +70°C


Power: 1x 4 poles RM5, NMEA-In/Out: 1x 5 poles RM5


NMEA-In/Out according to IEC61162-2/RS422 (automatic identification of baud rate)


Pin connector up to 2,5mm²


Display of wind data


Integrated True Wind Converter, External Key for dimming/setting


IEC60945, IACS E10

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