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VL-66313 DisplayPort-Extender Set

The DisplayPort-Extender SET is an effective solution to place a DisplayPortMonitor with up to 4K resolution and USB 2.0 at a maximal distance of up to 100m. Only a CAT6a or CAT7 cable will be necessary.

This set is compatible with DisplayPort 1.2a and HDCP 1.3 (uncompressed) and can support up to 4K resolution at 30 Hz. It can be used for home theater, educational and commercial purposes as well as in the maritime industries.



24V DC +30%/-20% ,max. 8W, galvanically isolated (Receiver USB: 1 x 500mA / High-Powered-Port)


165mm x 112mm x 44mm each module



interfaces / ports available

Power/Alarm: 1 x 4-pole-male connector, PHOENIX FKC2,5/4-ST-5,08, DisplayPort: 20-pole socket, USB: USB Type B or USB Type A, HDBase-T: 8-pole RJ45

data transmission rate / resolution

DisplayPort: compatible with DisplayPort 1.2a and HDCP1.3, uncompressed up to 4K-resolution at 30 Hz


Maritime, industrial, security systems, educational institutions

standard(s) applied

EMC: FCC(class A), CE (class A), RoHS2
IEC 60945



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