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VL-66299 USB4x2.0-Extender via CAT

VEINLAND USB Extender Set – for connection up to 60 m HS/FS and 100 m. Allowing access to four USB 2.0 peripherals over a maximum distance of up to 60 m HS/FS and 100 m LS from the signal source with a single CAT6 / CAT7 cable.

The Extender-SET VL-66299 (USB4x2.0 extender via CAT) consists of a signal transmitter and a receiver. The extender set provides an extended 60m connection (HS/FS) between a signal source and USB 2.0 device and 100m connection (LS) via a CAT6/7.

With an active HUB, the receiver can support up to 4 USB channels, which are powered by a galvanically isolated DC/DC converter. A maximum current of 200mA is available for each USB port, equipped with thermal protection.


TRM: 5V from USB port (PC) max. 180mA
REC: 24V DC +30/-20% / max. 600mA (for USB channels)


TRM: 55 x 28 x 55 mm
REC: 55 x 28 x 105 mm


TRM: 90g
REC: 160g

operating temperature

-15°C up to 55°C

storage temperature

-40°C up to 85°C


TRM: 1x 4pin female USB type-B, 1 x 8pin female RJ45.
REC: 4 x 4pin female USB Type-A, 1 x 8pin female RJ45, 1 x 2pin male RM5.08.
All USB connection is limited to max. 1.8 m.

data rates

USB2.0 bandwidth for speeds up to 480Mbit/s (high speed)

other features

Rail mounting


Remote HID, USB drives, Camera

standard(s) applied


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