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Farsounder Argos 1000

The Argos 1000 Forward Looking Sonar system, the most powerful in the series, reliably detects underwater obstacles, shallows, and various “in-water” targets up to 1000 meters (½ nautical mile) in front of the vessel at operating speeds up to 25 knots. This powerful technology guides large ships safely through unknown waters and risky environments. The data is shown in a 3D display and overlaid on a nautical chart, and updates in less than 2 seconds.

The transducer has no moving parts, which means easy integration into the hull without complicated maintenance challenges. It is easily installed on a new build or refit with a variety of options for different style hulls. As another option, custom hoists can also be designed and built by a third party based on specific user needs.

areas of application

Cruise Ships
Super Yachts
Research Vessels
Military Government
USV (Unmanned Surface Vessels)

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