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1NMEAto8RG – NMEA Expander 8-Channel

The module 1NMEAto8RG is used to distribute
data from two alternative NMEA sources to 8
parallel working NMEA transmitters (CH3 to CH11).
Through a redundancy circuit, CH1 is switched
over to CH2 after about 4 seconds in the absence
of input data.

At the same time, an error message signaled
through a red LED and the alarm relay is opened.
The inputs and the outputs are galvanically isolated
from each other and the power supply.


9-32VDC / nom. 24V; 5W


165mm x 85mm x 54mm




2NMEA-In according to IEC61162-2/RS422 up to 38400bps 8x 1NMEA-Out according to IEC61162-2/RS422 up to 38400bps


Distribution and decoupling of two redundant sources (e.g. GPS and DGPS) to several receivers (e.g. radar)


IEC60945, IACS E10 DNV GL No. TAA00000M0

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